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Internationally collected artist, Anna Saint Rose invites you to enter into a world filled with mystery, colour, and imagination. When you see her pieces, your heart feels warm, you could walk right into the glowing painting and feel a part of that realm. The message behind her paintings is to encourage us to step into our destiny, no matter the obstacles, be who you are created to be, and go after your passion.

Follow her and be inspired on social media @annasaintrose


Hello! My name is Anna Rose, and I have been doing art professionally for 3 years. With a certificate in visual & fine arts. My specialty is capturing life and colour in portraits. I draw my inspiration from God, he has been my biggest teacher. 

My art is for YOU. The bold, the royal, the beautiful, the person that knows they are precious. Someone that knows they can be more. You are a king, a queen, not afraid to be different and unique. Lets get our crown on!

We are named 'Anna Saint Rose' because I have always been fascinated by the old saints, such as Joan of Arc.  And Anna Rose is my name.

Our logo, the crown of Anna Saint Rose. This crown was created as I was exploring the idea that we are royal, that we need to put our crown on and rule and reign. I imagined what my crown might look like, so I began to sketch it out and add colour, thus Anna Saint Rose was born.

I LOVE seeing my art in YOUR home - don't forget to tag us @annasaintrose



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